Writing for Adults

Berkshire Barn Garden
Photograph by Linda J Thomas

I write creative nonfiction and poetry for adult readers. My current nonfiction book-in-progress is a themed pairing of my writing (short works of prose and poetry) with my photographs.

Much of my work is inspired by nature as portrayed in this sample poem.

“Ars Poetica”

Rain falls in sheets,
sun-dried into paper,
rain drops then drip
as ink through my pen.
A robin yanks worms
from out of the damp earth,
and flings them
smack onto  my page.
Worms wiggle and squirm,
shape shift into letters,
a wet and slippery

~ Linda J Thomas

My writing and photography have appeared in both print and online publications.

  • Two poems “Waiting” and “Frost Heaves: I’m All Shook Up” — The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology
  • Two photographs “Untimely Fledge” and “The Shades of Monadnock” — The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology
  • Two poems “People Watching at the Symphony” and “Flying By” — The Henniker Review 2018
  • The photograph “The Midas Touch” — The Henniker Review 2018
  • Three photographs “Maine Companions,” “Nauset Beach Boardwalk,” and “Berkshire Barn Garden” — Shadow and Light: A Literary Anthology on Memory
  • Two poems “Twelve Ways to Know the Wind” and “Baptism” — Ad Hoc Monadnock Online
  • “A Google Earth Essay: 29 Fisher Street” — Postcard Memoirs,  a literary blog by Sonja Livingston
  • The poem “Not in the Pink” — The Henniker Review 2013
  • The essay “All Creatures, Small to Large” — THE OCCASIONAL MOOSE: A Journal of Life in the Monadnock Region, published by the Monadnock Ledger
Cover art by Lita Judge